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Taepyung Salt Farm cares the nature and people first.

Taepyung Salt Farm between the nature and people

Now it’s time to think about what to put in your food, rather what to eat. You have to use proper food to make your whole family stay healthy. In this spirit, Taepyung Salt Farm dutifully sticks to the nature’s law because the salt is what we eat every day. Today, the wind and the sunlight in the tidal flats are working constantly for 24 hours to make precious gifts with utmost care.

Breathing of Craftsman kept in Salt

Taepyung Salt Farm brand took the name of the largest salt farm in Korea located in the vast 4,620,000㎡ in Jeungdo Island, Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do as it is. In the ecological heaven where the blessed natural environment is kept intact, 0.1% of the finest Natural Sea Salt in the world is made.

Taepyung Salt Farm is the Natural Sea Salt brand containing the pure sea, clean tidal flat, wind and the sun as they are. It contains all the common family colors of the sea, the sun, the tidal flats, and the salt marshes. It represents the premium Natural Sea Salt made by the nature and finished by the salt makers. It’s time to enjoy the Taepyung Salt Farm products for healthy cooking. A handful of Premium Natural Sea Salt will suffice to keep your family’s menu healthy